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There is nothing more iconic than a yellow rubber duck, and here at Bathducks, we create the quirkiest novelty ducks that are loved all around the world!

But, of course, with all iconic toys, they have a story. So, sit back, relax and find out about how the humble rubber duck began its rise to popularity!

The first rubber ducks were made in the mid 1800s from Charles Goodyear’s tyre rubber which was so heavy that the ducks didn’t float but were intended to be used as chew toys.

Moving forward to the 1930s, a latex supplier made a quantity of Disney latex bath floaters under licence with Donald Duck being the most successful design in the range. This led other companies wanting to make their own floating ducks for commercial success.

A sculptor called Peter Ganine also realised this potential and made a sculpture of a duck that became the the iconic rubber duck we know today. Ganine took out a 14 year patent in 1949 on the design and sold an incredible 50 million ducks! 

Once the patent had expired, other companies leapt on the bandwagon and vinyl bath ducks soon became a staple of most household bathrooms!

We started making our own quirky range in 2004 of ducks aimed at London tourists featuring a Guardsman, Beefeater and Policeman. Since then, the range has increased to include other character and historical ducks which are stocked by distributors worldwide and many of the world’s leading museums and heritage sites.



And so, the Bathduck’s world domination continues….!

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